Introducing psychology marketing solution to business in Myanmar, we offer a often neglected yet sustainable, highly effective and cost-effective marketing solution to help grow their business and customer retention. Technology from Express Melody Pte Ltd from Singapore, we are the official distributor in Myanmar for this unique solution.

We are happy to have invited Ms Geraldine Tan from Singapore, who is a psychologist with more than 10 years of experience in clinical and business assistance and Mr Jerry Chen also from Singapore, who is an in-store marketing specialist and also the co-founder and managing director of Express Melody.

During the conference, Geraldine and Jerry shared with our guests from various business sectors like banks, hotels and F&B the insights about psychology marketing and how music is an effective tool of psychology marketing, also known as audio branding.

We are happy that our guests gained from the sharing and are looking forward to explore this unique solution with us for their business.

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