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Year 2015 sees a lot of exciting changes for Stereoimage Studios Singapore. January 2015 sees the rebranding and restructuring of Stereoimage Productions of which we are now known as Stereoimage Studios. During Michael and Kenji’s attendance of Hong Kong Filmart in March, Michael met up with one of the top producer from Myanmar whom he met 2 years earlier. A quick chat rekindled Michael’s interest to look into Myanmar movie industry again. So in early May, he booked a flight down to Myanmar to have a more in-depth discussion with the producer. Together with his colleague Swe Lin Maung, both established that there is a pressing need for professional sound and audio production solution to co-develope the fast-growing movie industry and their desire to bring Myanmar movies to international market. The management of Stereoimage Studios Singapore immediately approved the proposed joint venture. With lightning speed, Stereoimage Studios Co., Ltd will officially open for business in Yangon on 1st September 2015.